Graffiti Art

Graffiti art is the foundation of my work, when in 2004 I started to put on the street all my sketches, studies and experiments that were in my sketchbooks.

My work is organic and loose in style, my main subjects are: food, plants / nature and textures.

I’m a member/founder of a multidisciplinary art collective, called NRVO!


Illustrations for Pizza’s Restaurant Chain Parmê, Rio de Janeiro - BRAZIL.

These illustrations depict Rio de Janeiro’s different neighborhoods and cultural aspects. Each one of the four scenes was printed as placemat that when put together, form the complete mural of the city.

Copyright: Client: Parmê | Art Direction/Colours: FleshBeck Crew | Illustration: Vinícius Carvas


Muy Nacho

A Mexican fast food restaurant Muy Nacho Muchacho is my Graduation Project.

For this restaurant was created a visual identity, packages and others materials.

Also, check the happy meal El Niño!

El Niño

Part of my Graduation Project Muy Nacho. El Niño - "The Boy", is a happy meal lunch.

When the customer orders the El Niño, they gets a lunch box, the meal, a pair of temporary mustache tattoos and one el niño cash.

And, when the customer save 20$ in el niño cash, an Awesome Luchador Mask can be purchased!

Also, on the sides of the lunch box there is a card game.


Murals painted for multibrand store Sportmix, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

• Five murals to different store locations:

Nova América, Shopping Grande Rio, Madureira Shopping, West Shopping(all with Beto Fame) and Bangu Shopping(with Rodrigo Doin).

Volkswagen - Rock in Rio 2011

Me and other graffiti-artists worked on all the days of The Rock in Rio Festival at the Volkswagen Stand "Rock’s Garage" .

We personalized blank “Volks-shirts” with different music-related themes. The winners of “Rock Band” rounds could choose the themes for their custom made t-shirts.